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7art Merry Flower Clock ScreenSaver  v.1.1

Merry Flower Clock screensaver shows time in a funny uncommon way: Merry Flower is the Clock's face and leaves and petals are the Clock's hands. Bright colors of the screensaver and it's tender shapes are designed to cheer your moods.

Free Movie Stars Sketcher  v.1.0

A wonderfully bright and amusing free screen saver. See the Hollywood celebrities come to you changing each other. Look at the bright colors and excellent graphics that made the faces of the film stars so close and so even more familiar. Take a new

Monsters Sigma Style -

What are these cute creatures walking around? Iconshock Monsters!!! Right from our imagination to your applications. Some creative ideas to turn our fears into cute pals for web projects. Professional looking icons, designed in bright colors, with

Movie Stars Sketcher  v.1.0

Movie Stars Sketcher is a wonderfully bright and amusing screen saver. See the Hollywood celebrities come to you changing each other. Look at the bright colors and excellent graphics that made the faces of the film stars so close and so even more

Super Heros Vista Icons -

In this icon collection you can find the top superheroes of all times that people can relate to, it is an original way to represent a nice bunch of friends from the league of justice. This detailed collection with full bright colors contains a

EyeSaver for Mac OS  v.2.1

Ideal for all those who work late into the night and get tired of staring at the bright colors emitting from your Mac. EyeSaver uses the Mac’s built in ambient sensors to monitor the brightness of your screen. When you first run the program,

Color Web Buttons  v.1.0

Color Web Buttons is a unique icon set designed for social network developers. Painted in bright colors, the collection of Web buttons represents a variety of navigation and control elements used in social services and networks, communication

Free Pentix  v.1.0

If you want to play a good arcade game - you've chosen the right one. It's a real must-have free game for the fans of classic tetris. Make your choice between different skill levels and enjoy this game. New blots and bright colors will bring you

BoXplosion for Linux  v.1.0

New BoXplosion for Linux with cool 3D effects, bright colors and gripping gameplay!

Turtle Swimming Coral Reef ScreenSaver  v.1.1

The bright colors of the turtle are amazing and contrast with bright blue color of the water. It's incredible that such colors were created by nature. Real masterpiece that is so nice to look at!

Pearl Finder  v.1.0

Playing the game Pearl Finder you appear on the island with marvelous nature. You are surrounded by warm quiet sea, fine sand beach and bright sunlight.And in the center of this beautiful setting a pirate is sitting at a table and watches you closely

Kids Icons -

It is a colourful set of icons with a top 5 things kids love to do, in fun primary colors to stand out whit soft contrasts, smooth shadows effects to give deepness to the graphics. With soft lightning shines that are catching to the eye, as the

Bear Celebrates Free  v.1.2

Christmas tree sparkles, champagne is bought, Santa hat is put on, salute is in the sky, everything is ready for celebration. Arctic Bear dances and has a lot of fun in this new 3D animated Free Screensaver by

Linux Pictures Screensaver  v.1.0

Would you like to decorate your computer monitor with some Linux style images? Download this great 100% free Linux Pictures Screensaver featuring an amazing slideshow of the awesome Linux logo.

Standard New Year Icons  v.2009.1

Everything there is to New Year is presented in this exceptional icon set. It was specially crafted to bring you into a holiday mood.

Free Large Twitter Icons  v.2011.1

Free Large Twitter Icons picture a famous Twitter bird in a variety of styles and situations. The set also includes icons for a Twitter sign.

Free Large Android Icons  v.2012.1

Free Large Android Icons picture various artificial creatures, such as robots, crawlers and androids. Not only does the set present the creatures themselves, it also shows their moods and actions.

Skybunny Hunting Honey  v.2.0

Hey kids, Skybunny hunting Honey game is here. A cute little bunny is waiting for you. He needs to gather as much honey as possible flying among the clouds in his hot-air balloon. The beautiful adventure of Skybunny is waiting for kids that love to

Incoming  v.1.0

A real free must-have-game for the fans of classic arkanoid. Free to play. A great old arcade game with new features providing you with some hours of real pleasure. All you need is Flash 5 player to enjoy the game. There are brown invader planets

Tyrannosaur Blackjack  v.1.0

When you open the Tyrannosaur Blackjack you appear in the Stone Age. You see a prehistoric drama. Here it is.Jungle is very dangerous, you know. There are many animals and insects there. They are big and small, repulsive and beautiful. But all of

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